Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fellow Library School Students, This One Is For You...

Oh, my.

Last night, my dad had a little one hour gig to play, so my mom and I decided to go out to dinner (dad's friend took him to play). Then, we wanted to stop by the library. So, mom went upstairs to look at the cookbooks and I wandered around the mystery section downstairs. Later, I went upstairs to find mom. When I saw her, she said, "The weirdest thing just happened." And this is it:

After looking at the cookbooks, she wandered to the edge of the 800s. On the shelf nearest the aisle, at eye level, a book caught mom's eye. She picked it up and opened it. THAT was when she realized that the book was wet and a horrible smell was drifting from it. Yes, someone urinated on the book. I think mom was in such shock, she still didn't know what to think when I got to her! Anyway, I located a young guy (probably a part-timer or volunteer) and told him what happened. He went to grab the older librarian and all I could hear from her, in a very Southern drawl, was, "Oh, my..." repeated over and over!

Mom said that when she neared the aisle, originally, a man was in the area and he watched her a bit and followed her around until he disappeared (probably satisfied that she did not suspect him).

All evening, I felt as if I had been transported back into the MLIS program, facing a certain professor's query: What would you do if...? Well, in this case, gloves were necessary!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I need inspiration. (Or, please excuse my pity party)

After eveything that has happened in my life over the last year, I am finding myself struggling to stay inspired. I know it is temporary, but it is really hard (especially when I can't even run right now!). It doesn't help that this semester, even though I like my classes, I am not taking anything in "my area" of Victorian lit. And it isn't as if there is a lot of time to do any extra reading. Next semester will change things because our Victorian Lit. professor has agreed to a directed study. The work will be intense, but I will learn so much.

On a positive note, overall, my students are great this semester. I really like them (although I wish they would commit to the reading a bit more) and they are really doing a good job. I think some of it has to do with the different teaching style I have now...the summer job I had required a specific style of teaching and I think it really does work for both little kids, middle/high schoolers, and college age. Anyway, things are working out in that area, at least!

Well, at least I have Boston Legal.

Monday, October 09, 2006

More hamstring news...

Today I went to a sports medicine specialist because the leg is just not getting better. He gave me some medicine and told me to wait another three weeks. I am supposed to try running in two weeks (1 mile or 2 miles). If I experience pain or if the pain continues into week three, I have to go back for a MRI. This time around, x-rays were obvious broken bones. The doctor thinks it is a muscle problem; however, if it is still going on in three more weeks, then I probably have a stress fracture. Lovely. When I was there, I wasn't in too much pain. He stretched my leg back and I still felt okay...but now, six hours later, I feel terrible. Oh well.

Okay, that is all I have to say about that for now! Other than dealing with the leg, I am really just hanging in there. School is okay, my students are good this semester, and dad is coming along very well. Last Friday, I really needed to get some work done at the library on campus. Dad was kind of down that day, so I told him to get dressed and go with me to the library. We parked a good distance away and had a nice long walk to the library. Then, we had a cup of coffee and he helped me get my books and check out. He felt great after and had a really good day.

Well, that is about it. I hope my life becomes more exciting soon (not in a bad way).