Fellow Library School Students, This One Is For You...

Oh, my.

Last night, my dad had a little one hour gig to play, so my mom and I decided to go out to dinner (dad's friend took him to play). Then, we wanted to stop by the library. So, mom went upstairs to look at the cookbooks and I wandered around the mystery section downstairs. Later, I went upstairs to find mom. When I saw her, she said, "The weirdest thing just happened." And this is it:

After looking at the cookbooks, she wandered to the edge of the 800s. On the shelf nearest the aisle, at eye level, a book caught mom's eye. She picked it up and opened it. THAT was when she realized that the book was wet and a horrible smell was drifting from it. Yes, someone urinated on the book. I think mom was in such shock, she still didn't know what to think when I got to her! Anyway, I located a young guy (probably a part-timer or volunteer) and told him what happened. He went to grab the older librarian and all I could hear from her, in a very Southern drawl, was, "Oh, my..." repeated over and over!

Mom said that when she neared the aisle, originally, a man was in the area and he watched her a bit and followed her around until he disappeared (probably satisfied that she did not suspect him).

All evening, I felt as if I had been transported back into the MLIS program, facing a certain professor's query: What would you do if...? Well, in this case, gloves were necessary!


James said…
katie g. said…
I would be soooo mad if someone pissed in one of our books. Disgusted, yes, but more mad. Books are expensive and this person has just prevented someone else from enjoying a book. What an ass.
littlelai said…
that is terrible! I find it super disgusting that the person had to touch his own piss to put the book back on the shelf.

What a prick.

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