Trying to see the sunny side...

At the moment, I am suffering from a bad cold or the flu. I am not sure which one, nor do I have the energy to find out. My mom had surgery on her ankle yesterday to remove screws and plates from her bad break years ago...she even got to keep them as a souvenir. She can't walk around so great right now and is using a walker for a few days. I told her things were just too crazy in our house between her and dad!

Other than that, nothing much is happening. I know I don't update the blog much these days, but my life seems to be a scheduled series of events. Staying at home so much is strange for me, but I have been able to read a lot. By the time I have to teach (5/7 pm), I have no energy. Next semester, I am supposed to teach at 8/9 am. I like that much better.

Other news....let's see...

Well, Kelly and I saw Finding Neverland last weekend. Yes, I know I am hopelessly behind in keeping up with the latest movies. However, I really loved it. I thought it was wonderful. However, I am not sure I would want to see it over and over again. Cinematically/musically/script-wise the movie is fantastic; but I wouldn't think that seeing it multiple times would be so great because the movie might lose something (for me, anyway).

I also saw The Three Penny Opera at UA, one of their theater department plays. It was well done and very funny. I wish I knew more about the technique of theater acting...I am sure there is a purpose to the exaggerated movements and emotions and tones...I just wish I knew the theory behind it. Maybe it has something to do with audience and distance from the stage? I am clueless because I have never studied theater. I like it but some things puzzle me. Actually, most things puzzle me!


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