Near a creative black hole.

That is how I feel right now (at least in the blog department). I can't seem to come up with anything exciting to tell you. Not anything funny. Not anything even mildly amusing.
Well...maybe a little. I did run in sub-20 degree weather last Monday and Tuesday. That was a trip. I am trying to get ready for the half-marathon coming up in less than three weeks. I did a 10 mile run on Monday of this week and will do another on next Monday. My leg is fine (thank goodness!) and I am tolerating the jump in distance very well.

Other than that, we are in the middle of finals week here. I have a paper due, mercifully, next Monday by noon.

On another note: My week would have been perfect except that Barbara Walters preempted Boston Legal.


The show is truly my only pleasure these days.


katie g. said…
Love the artistic license with the Barbard WaWa picture...

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