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"'Cause where there's a man who has no voice, There ours shall go singing..."

Yes, thank you Jewel for that lovely line from your song "Hands"...however, I have lost my voice...literally. If it doesn't come back by tomorrow morning, my students will be in for a real treat of "Susie Whispers: Live!"

PS: Did anyone see Jewel on American Idol on Tuesday night??? Weird. Very weird.

Finally!!! Here is Mr. Casey!!!

Here is my favorite dog in the world! This is my dog, Casey Bean.


Age: 10 yrs
B-day: Dec. 25
Features: All handsome
Favorite Foods: ummm...everything. But, he really loves cornbread.
Hobbies: Sitting around looking beautiful, barking at Susie for more food, barking at animals outside, hunting and killing said animals with Susie (a.k.a wildlife commando)

THE RACE: OR, Kill or Be Killed at Disney

The most brutal, abusive event. The half-marathon, usually in 30-40 degree weather (ideal), took place in 80 degree weather with humidity that was out of this world. My moisture wicking clothing did not work. I did great until mile 8, maintained a 13.5 minute pace throughout, but my body just could not cope with the loss of fluids and I began to fall apart around mile 10 (ending with an all time worst finish time of 2:59:53). I was so relieved just to finish that I almost started crying. And it wasn't just woman began to pass out on the course, fell, and broke her nose when it hit the edge of the curb. Others were being treated along the course. Seasoned runners were sleeping on the pavement of the Epcot parking lot. After the race, I could barely was strange because that has never happened to me before. Little did I know, I was fighting off bad dehydration.

On the positive side, I got to see all of the characters (before I started to fade), slapped Stich's h…


Well, the race is Saturday. I hope it goes well, but I am dreading the wait. The runners have to be at the site by 4 a.m. and then I could start at any time between 6 and 7. I would rather show up and run.

Other than that, I am reading a really interesting book: Little Children. Has anyone read this one? There is a movie coming out soon and I wanted to read the book first. Anyway, it is really good.

Other than that, I am just in the hell of packing and making sure I have everything with me that I need for the race. I live for Sunday.

So, it is a new year...

Any suggestions? I hope this year is peaceful and full of good things. Last year held enough craziness for my entire lifetime. Anyway, I wish everyone a wonderful, happy new year!