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Going crazy for pancakes!!!

Yes, folks, I celebrated national pancake day on Tuesday!!! My favorite breakfast food has its own day thanks to the charity drive from the IHOP folks (at least, that is what I think is the origin of the holiday). I, however, did not go to IHOP. I went to Wright's....ahhhh...the best pancakes ever. They are only a dollar a piece and are HUGE. They literally cover the entire plate. I had two. :)

In the midst of greatness...

I am tardy in posting this, but I think I still should! A couple of weeks ago, during my office hours at Java City, the fabulous Harper Lee sat right across from me! She was on campus for an essay contest. It was amazing to see and hear her! So, that is my story and I just had to share.

Other than that, not much is happening (at least, nothing of interest). I read, only taking breaks for Boston Legal and American Idol. My idol, Olivia, has been on several shows recently!!! Very exciting for me, I assure you. Maybe not for anyone else...but, in my mind, there will never be another Sandy.

I am teaching literature (we just finished reading Frankenstein) and I really like my students. (Hopefully I will be teaching this summer, but if there are no opportunities to do so, I will, again, hopefully, work on campus somewhere.) I hope that they continue to let me teach literature. I am just getting my feet wet now and already know some things I would like to change.

Well, when something great happ…