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and then there were none...

Well, there is at least one more day of spring break. Not that it has been much of a break. If it wasn't for my cousin, Jess, meeting me for lunch today, I would not have left Tuscaloosa! (Thanks again, Jess!) Other than that, I have basically spent the week entertaining dad and trying to read fun stuff/school stuff.

Now, the trick will be to retune my mind to school work....

Spring Breakin'

Yep, although tomorrow I begin reading school stuff again, I did take a little time out to read some fun things. One book I just finished reading: The Thirteenth Tale. If you ever liked the Brontes, then you would love this book. If you are a person passionate about reading, you will love this book. I am both, so I devoured it!

Now, I am reading The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox. The public library is getting in a lot of newer books lately so I am having a great time. I know...I am a nerd. But, I love to read! Just being able to sit back and read something without a deadline attached to it is heaven.

So close that I can almost taste it...

Let's give three big shouts for spring break!!! I am so ready. This time tomorrow, I will at least be home for a week without having to set foot on campus if I don't want to go there! I don't have any plans, other than using the time to catch up on a lot of reading. I still have way too much stuff to do, but I am not letting it bring me down!

She's Coming Undone...

Me, I mean. I am completely exhausted from grading 64 midterms. The students did very well, for the most part, but I am so sleepy!

I am also in need of spring break. While my academic chores will not slow down during that time (next week), at least I can sleep in a bit more!

I tried to quiet my mind tonight at St. Francis during centering prayer, but it just did not work...ugh. I must stop daily life from making me crazy.

Romeo, Romeo, what happened?

So, I just got back from seeing Romeo and Juliet. The acting was good (especially the guy playing Romeo...he looked about 14); however, the director made the decision to turn acts 1-3 into complete comedy...and not just the nurse's parts. It was everything! Even Mercutio's fight scene was slapstick. It only turned serious about two minutes before he died. Anyway, it was just really weird to have such a lighthearted comedy, with a ditzy teen Juliet (again, not a comment on the was fine...just the way the director wanted the part played), up through intermission, only to come back fifteen minutes later and see the traditional roles.

ugh...still confused.

Lent and AMADEUS

Not that the two have anything in common...

Anyway, I gave up buying books for Lent. It is a destructive passion. Anyway, so far so good. I am a frequent library patron...something we should all be happy about!

Also, last night, I saw Theater Tuscaloosa's performance of Amadeus. AMAZING!!! Who knew we could put on something that well done! Everyone was wonderful. In spite of the unfair review in the Crimson White, Terry Olivet was great as Joseph (spelling different, I think). Anyway, the play totally floored me. I saw the movie version when I was about nine-years-old (my parents never censored anything). The movie literally changed my life. I have loved it ever since. It made me love opera and helped me understand (though I didn't know it at the time) important aspects of the human mind and character. Well, the play (significantly different, and in some ways richer, than the movie) changed me life as well. I enjoy the theater, generally, but last night's performance made me…