What Not To Wear...

Yes, I realize that I need to be featured on that show. I am not a fashion plate. However, in the marathon on TLC today, I saw a few outfits that should not have passed the fashion police. I don't understand the logic sometimes. Not only should some people just not wear certain things that may be "fashionable" or "modern", but neither should designers come up with horrible patterns. Who needs a dress with gold rings every two centimeters? I felt as if the old Sega video game, Sonic the Hedgehog, had jumped off the screen and imprinted itself on the dress. Gather up the gold rings for points!!!

My summer went by so quickly. First, I worked on an editing job with my favorite USF professor. Then, I ended up teaching a literature course for the department here at UA. It was a good group of students, but teaching summer school, while fun, was exhausting!

Other than that, not much is happening. The semester will begin in three days, but I teach on Tuesday and Thursday. I am working on a conference paper (already accepted), but I am also working on a conference paper proposal for the Accio conference (http://www.accio.org.uk) at Oxford coming up this summer. Even if the proposal isn't accepted, I still want to go.

Here's to good students and a good academic year!!


katie g. said…
Have a great year, Susie! Even though I still miss school, I don't know how you do it!

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