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Snapecast chose my question to include in the "Owl Post" segment on the new episode!!!

One of those great t.v. moments:

I had the television on Lifetime and the station played its usual Golden Girls epidsodes. Today: Rose battles legally prescribed medication addiction in only 30 minutes. You gotta love t.v.

Fighting for my sanity.

Yes, this is the response that always appears on my blog mid-semester. I started out this semester with two very big events looming in the distance: Melanie's wedding and the Victorian Lit. conference here in town. So, the first is over and the second one will be over in about two weeks. However, now I am thinking about all of the work I need to do.

I have completed my conference paper revisions, as far as the organization goes. However, it is 15 freaking pages and I need it to be shorter! Directly after the conference, I have a paper revision to turn in on the 15th (will work on that this weekend) and three more huge projects...not to mention grading papers and teaching. At least I have good students this semester!

But, none of this is a concern (right)...I allow myself a few "freak out" days each semester (still trying to convince myself). This is one of them (one of many to come, I am sure). Stay with me, people!!!

It doesn't help that I am suffering from allergies …

Second Life, part 2.

I guess what really disturbs me about all of this is that it violates common sense yet makes perfect sense in the world we live in today (God. I sound like I should be taking Freshman Comp.). Anyway, it is true in this case. Why would I pay money for space that doesn't physically exist? This is nuts. On the other hand, some of my favorite activities are listening to podcasts and blogging. Both involve my invisible presence on the one hand, and an acknowledged, yet invisible, audience on the other hand.

Is this what we are coming to in the future? Invisible friends? Geez. I had that at age three. We are not progressing. We are regressing. AND I AM PARTICIPATING!!! (...but not in "Second Life".)

"The horror! The horror!" (Kurtz's dying words in Heart of Darkness may be appropriate here.)

Confused and Deeply Concerned.

I realize that I am completely out of touch in many ways in the virtual world, but the concept of "Second Life" completely freaks me out. I think this is an insane idea.

I am not prepared to say more than that at the moment, but for anyone unfamiliar with "Second Life", here are some links:

Someone voted....

On my "SEV AND I" Blog poll! I have at least one reader!!

My I-pod Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself.

Yes, folks. It is true. I played my top 25 today, as recorded by my I-pod, and who knew that my #4 most played song is Madonna's "Sky Fits Heaven"??? I am not sure how I feel about that...however, my number one song is Elvis's "In the Ghetto". Not surprised about that one!


Okay, everyone. As many of you know, I am obsessed with the Harry Potter series and have a rather hilarious and slightly scary on-page relationship with Severus Snape. He is one of my favorite literary characters (I love the Potions Master!!!) and I have decided to start a blog about his character.

Some of my references are a little funny. I am trying to take a humorous but seriously analytical approach to Snape. I love the podcast "SNAPECAST" (really funny and smart) and because they are willing to go so in depth with Snape's character, I decided it was okay for me to do so as well. So, that is what I am doing.

I am having fun with books, people!!!

Anyway, if you aren't afraid of some literary analysis and a little sick humor on the side, visit my new blog:

PS: I will still be posting to this one.

My feet are killing me, but...

The wedding was great! Melanie looked so pretty and I don't think I screwed up anything major during the ceremony. All flowers were held at the proper moments...Melanie was fluffed at the proper times...the wonderful coordinator only shushed us twice. (There went my plan for Leah, another fun loving bridesmaid, to take a boom box down the aisle.)

Here is a photo pre-wedding:

The reception went well also and I think Melanie was only slightly mortified by the car...