Fighting for my sanity.

Yes, this is the response that always appears on my blog mid-semester. I started out this semester with two very big events looming in the distance: Melanie's wedding and the Victorian Lit. conference here in town. So, the first is over and the second one will be over in about two weeks. However, now I am thinking about all of the work I need to do.

I have completed my conference paper revisions, as far as the organization goes. However, it is 15 freaking pages and I need it to be shorter! Directly after the conference, I have a paper revision to turn in on the 15th (will work on that this weekend) and three more huge projects...not to mention grading papers and teaching. At least I have good students this semester!

But, none of this is a concern (right)...I allow myself a few "freak out" days each semester (still trying to convince myself). This is one of them (one of many to come, I am sure). Stay with me, people!!!

It doesn't help that I am suffering from allergies that must have originated their sources in hell.


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