Second Life, part 2.

I guess what really disturbs me about all of this is that it violates common sense yet makes perfect sense in the world we live in today (God. I sound like I should be taking Freshman Comp.). Anyway, it is true in this case. Why would I pay money for space that doesn't physically exist? This is nuts. On the other hand, some of my favorite activities are listening to podcasts and blogging. Both involve my invisible presence on the one hand, and an acknowledged, yet invisible, audience on the other hand.

Is this what we are coming to in the future? Invisible friends? Geez. I had that at age three. We are not progressing. We are regressing. AND I AM PARTICIPATING!!! (...but not in "Second Life".)

"The horror! The horror!" (Kurtz's dying words in Heart of Darkness may be appropriate here.)


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