Do I really have anything interesting to say tonight?

Not really. I am trying to cram in a lot of reading this weekend. The conference is next Friday and Saturday. I present on Friday during the first panel. I am trying to cut my paper (at about 13 pages now), but I think I am giving up on that. I am the last, I think I will just grandstand it and take advantage of my captive audience. RIGHT. Anyway, I honestly don't know where else to cut this paper. So, it will just have to be a little long.

Other than that, I am reading Rudyard Kipling's Kim. It is a very interesting story. I have never really enjoyed Kipling before now. I would like to finish the book this weekend so that I can start my research and begin my paper.

Well, that is it for my boring life. Hopefully, I will have more to say later.


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