"The Moment of Truth"

So, last night the first episode of "The Moment of Truth" aired. I really don't like this show. I know some people like the idea, but I do think that some things just should not be said. I also think that some feelings that others in our lives would consider to be horrible are actually realistic or legitimate concerns. For example, last night, the man lost due to a question about whether or not he had touched women inappropriately on the job. Before that, he was asked would he be willing to start having babies with his wife or would rather wait because he was still unsure about how the marriage would work out. When he said he would like to have kids now (implying that the marriage was doubt-free), he failed the test. The wife looked crushed and would barely speak to him after he left the stage. If this is not scripted, I think that the premise of this show is hurtful to others. Of course, the wife would be devastated. The question makes her doubt herself and forces her to lose self confidence. The husband did not answer truthfully because he probably hopes for the best, but, realistically, wants to make sure things work out before bringing a baby into the picture. So, rather than praising someone for their intelligence, now we have a couple (again, if the show isn't scripted) in a much harder situation (as if the first year of marriage isn't hard enough). Anyway, that is just my ramble and I am opposed. We may validate truth in our society but sometimes truths must evolve. Nothing is that black and white.

***edited for accuracy! I forgot about the question about inappropriate touching in the workplace...i was still reeling from the earlier question. Good God. I can't watch this again.


James said…
I agree, Susie. Then on top of that, he fails the question about touching women inappropriately in his profession as a personal trainer. (He seemed like a jerk to begin with). To agree to come on a show like this is asking for disaster. I see many relationships ending as (previously hidden) human nature rears it's ugly head. Some things are meant to remain private. I cut it off after that because it made me feel very uncomfortable.

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