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It is Leap Day AND...

My Half Birthday! It only comes once every four years for me! Yea!! Good times.

Casey Living It Up...

In the snow!!! Yes, these are the photos I should have posted long ago. Alas, they are here at last!

Here is Casey in the Snow:

Here is Casey sniffing Snow:

And here is Casey relaxing in his favorite weird position, post-snow activity:

The Publishing World, Darling

Well, I ended up getting my assistant editor job at the magazine! I am really excited about everything and look forward to working in the magazine business once again. The job is very part-time, but it is a much needed outlet!

Holy Crap

I just don't understand people who defend clearly WRONG points of view. I can't go into this because I don't want to put anyone's sense of privacy at risk; however, let's just say I spent the last hour and 1/2 defending human rights to a person who refuses to acknowledge them.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. On the other hand...

If it is, then make a change. This is really about a personal gripe. I took my dad to play a job last night. He plays this same job about once a month; and, for the past year, I have been the one to take him to it. Each time he plays, a particular couple shows up to dance. The man is about 6'4" and the woman is about 5'0". Anyway, they always get on the dance floor and do this strange mix of dancing...something between ballroom dancing and dirty dancing. The worst of it is that they have this one move they repeat about every 60-75 seconds (yes, I have timed it). The man will dip the woman, balancing her head on his forearm, almost playing her like a bass. It has always disturbed me because they are a bit sleazy. However, now it is just repulsive and pathetic. I want to personally pay for a dance teacher. Get new moves people!!!

Well, Susie...Your Gift For Valentine's Day is....

The Flu.

Yes, folks. I have it. One of my professors and I both came down with it the same day. We are some of the last hold outs, and we fought bravely. This is the first time I have felt semi-conscious today, so I thought I should get online and express my disgust.

The worst thing so far is the pain. My lower back and legs are in constant pain. I called the doctor as soon as the symptoms started and he put me on Tamiflu. So, I am taking that and trying to fight the urge to use much more Tylenol than is necessary. I am always super paranoid about mixing medications...and, yet, at this moment, I have reached a limit where I really don't care if I go into convulsions or have liver damage. The flu raged in and is winning the battle, people.

For those who don't keep up with the other blog...

My paper has been accepted at the Harry Potter conference (Accio) in Oxford, England!!!! YEA!!!