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The First Sign...

I finished up my last class today!!! My course work in terms of sitting in a classroom is basically over! I still have a workshop to take next spring, but I am doing independent study/dissertation hours in the fall. It is the first sign that I am nearing dissertation time! It is a big moment. I have been in school for roughly two decades. I need a drink.

In spite of the "signs and wonders"...

This has just been one of those days. I mean, everything has been annoying or crazy or dramatic. My students in my usually active second class either didn't read or they refused to speak during class discussion (I think the spring fever has taken over), making me exhausted with the effort. There has been crazy tornado weather. Mom had an asthma attack. All is crazy. I hope next week will be better because it seems like I had a few of those days this week.

The other big news: I am off caffeine!!! YEA!!! Although this might have contributed to my crappy mood earlier this week, I actually feel good now.

Signs and Wonders....

Two really funny/bizarre things I have seen in the past two days:

1) A small plane flying with a Geico caveman banner flowing from the back. It was great! A dream come true for me...I love Geico!

2) My dad's weird "coffee mug" face on a napkin (see below):

This is for real! It actually happened naturally, as dad put the cup down on the napkin! He has been laughing over it and stuck it in the window for me to see when I got home from teaching today!

What is wrong with people???

Tonight, being the nerd that I am, I went to the local bookstore to get some reading done. Then, a group of teenagers came in who did and said things that were insane. The staff actually was so nice to them, making them free samples of drinks and all. Then, they were completely rude, loud, and obnoxious. They trashed the tables and left new magazines scattered everywhere. I thought they left around 9:15, but I found them running around the store in bare feet, acting like total idiots.

Of course, I know that my friends and I were obnoxious, too. But I can honestly say that we never trashed a place and we were over it by age 17.

I memorized their faces just in case they ever set foot in my classroom...