Some Quirks...

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Okay, so the goal is to write things about myself that are strange or that most people would not know or just things that reveal something about me...

1. I have always wanted to adopt a child. I think it started with my completely irrational fascination with the Cabbage Patch Kids. I memorized everything from each birth certificate and my parents bought me CPK's of all races. (Related to this: I actually miss babysitting!)

2. I absolutely freak out when I have to wait for any kind of news from doctors.

3. I cry when I read the cheesy sentimental parts of Dickens's novels...but only when I read them out loud. (Note: This is not very convenient when I am teaching Dickens.)

4. I am totally addicted to t.v. shows about the paranormal. And, it may sound stupid or irrational, but there are three people that I can sense will call me before they actually do.

5. I actually read (and enjoy) fan fiction. In fact, I read lots of nonliterary I also encourage my students to do! In fact, my Harry Potter obsession has led to the ultimate fan event: a HP conference in Oxford this summer!!! I am so excited!!

6. I think I scare a lot of guys...but that is okay.

7. I am with Katie on checking on a sleeper (whether or not he/she is breathing)...only I do that with my dog.

8. One of the most ridiculous things I have ever done: Once, I got into an insult contest with a tough-talking five-year-old at the park. Doesn't sound strange? I was 19. He was messing with one of my kids (that I used to babysit)...I can be horribly loyal.

9. I can't stand crowds. I will walk a mile around a group to avoid it. That being said, it relates to my discomfort at parties and any type of group gathering that isn't primarily people I know. I am not a mingling type of person.

10. I have read all of the original James Bond stories by Ian Flemming.

Okay...that is it. I don't really know who to tag...I am a bit antisocial! So, I guess anyone who reads this who hasn't been tagged yet should complete this list!!


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