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The biggest egos???


I love how they were actually on a documentary the other morning. Documentary of what? Have they actually ever made a contribution? I also groaned when the girlfriend or wife of one of them said that "EVERY" girl had a picture of one of the two Coreys in her locker. I never did. I had posters of many teen sensations...but I can't stand either of the Coreys. UGH. I can't believe they get a show.


I may have to drink the pain away. Olivia asks: "Have you never been mellow?" And I say: Not until I repurchase my collection. OH. The pain! The Pain!

Still mourning my loss...

I am in a state of anguish. I want my CDs!!!!!

The Cruelest Moment

I washed my car today and, as I was cleaning out the back seat, there it WASN' huge folder of CDs. I have three CD cases in my car. Two are small and contain CDs that are more popular and up-to-date. The big folder, the one I have had forever, the one that houses my Olivia Newton-John collection, is not there. I have looked all over for it. It is no where to be found. So, either someone stole it or it magically disappeared.

I ask you: Who in the world (besides me) would want my ONJ collection? The rest of the music in that folder is old and not extremely popular as well. I mean, hell, if you tried to sell the discs for cash, you wouldn't get much. I am so upset.

One Month From Today...

I will leave for England!!! Yea!!! Of course, this also means that this time one month from today I will be in the process of long layovers, noisy planes, jet lag, and nervousness (I hate delivering papers in front of a crowd). But, alas, the paper portion will last no longer than 30 minutes out of my day and from then on it is Harry Potter craziness!!!! (At least through the weekend.) YEA!!! I plan to start a blog for my trip to post all kinds of funny photos; but, I may not have time to do that while I am there and it will just have to be a post-conference project...after coming back on the 31st, suffering long layovers, noisy planes, jet lag, etc...all over again.

One of the best books I have ever read...

The book:

Image: From Amazon

I just finished reading The Myth of You and Me: A Novel by Leah Stewart. It is an amazing story of friendship and loss. Definitely a woman's novel, the book chronicles the life of two girls that meet in middle school and remain friends until after college when something happens to split them up forever. Ultimately, it is about forgiveness; and, I think this book gives the first acceptable and satisfying definition of forgiveness that I have ever read. Strangely enough, I have had this book for about a year. There have been times I really wanted to read it, but decided not to do so. So, I picked it up late Friday night and I was hooked from the first page. Anyway, READ THIS BOOK!!!

Something that has puzzled me for years...

The scenario:
You are driving down a local road or highway and you see something in the road. As you get closer, you notice that it is a shoe, either a child's or an adult's.

Why is it that you always see a single shoe in the middle of the road? I have seen so many single shoes, not pairs, throughout my life and I always wonder how this happens so many times. I mean, wouldn't you notice that a shoe was missing? And how does it actually happen? Do people just randomly throw shoes out? Are they in the flatbed of a truck? Are people sticking their feet out of the window? I mean, occasionally, I see a pillow or a box--clearly items that fell off of a truck during a move or during transport...BUT ONE SHOE???



Pay attention. Stop the car. Pick up the shoe.

You get your complete footwear set back in your possession and I am happy because I am no longer perplexed.

Photo courtesy Library of Congress.

One of those days....again...

We all have them. You just have a hectic, crazy day for very mundane reasons. I hate these worse than the ones I have when there are good reasons. Anyway, not much is going on. I am working and reading a lot. My stack of library books totals 19. It makes me want to cry...mainly because it is all nonfiction/criticism...not fun novels!

The countdown is on for Oxford...

Sex and the City

Rating: A-

I saw Sex and the City: The Movie last night. Overall, I thought it was great. Of course, keeping in mind the interview with Sarah Jessica Parker (from Larry King three years ago), I knew how it would end. She said then that Carrie and Big (oh, sorry, John James Preston) had to end up together. So, that being said, some things were a little predictable. However, for the first time, the Carrie/Big storyline wasn't the one that enthralled me. I really thought the most powerful stories this time around were those of Miranda/Steve and Samantha/Smith. I wanted a little something more from Carrie and Big...a bit more depth or something...I felt like the scenario could have worked with a bit more resolution of it between Carrie and Big. Anyway, that is just my review. Also, some scenes seemed a bit forced, as if there was an attempt to recapture something that wasn't there, necessarily. "Carrie" makes it clear in the beginning that three years have passed and that…