Sex and the City

Rating: A-

I saw Sex and the City: The Movie last night. Overall, I thought it was great. Of course, keeping in mind the interview with Sarah Jessica Parker (from Larry King three years ago), I knew how it would end. She said then that Carrie and Big (oh, sorry, John James Preston) had to end up together. So, that being said, some things were a little predictable. However, for the first time, the Carrie/Big storyline wasn't the one that enthralled me. I really thought the most powerful stories this time around were those of Miranda/Steve and Samantha/Smith. I wanted a little something more from Carrie and Big...a bit more depth or something...I felt like the scenario could have worked with a bit more resolution of it between Carrie and Big. Anyway, that is just my review. Also, some scenes seemed a bit forced, as if there was an attempt to recapture something that wasn't there, necessarily. "Carrie" makes it clear in the beginning that three years have passed and that being said, we should assume certain changes to have taken place that had not. Still, this doesn't mean that I didn't like the movie. I definitely did and will be the first one at the store to buy it when it comes out on DVD!! It was beautifully directed and shot.


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