Something that has puzzled me for years...

The scenario:
You are driving down a local road or highway and you see something in the road. As you get closer, you notice that it is a shoe, either a child's or an adult's.

Why is it that you always see a single shoe in the middle of the road? I have seen so many single shoes, not pairs, throughout my life and I always wonder how this happens so many times. I mean, wouldn't you notice that a shoe was missing? And how does it actually happen? Do people just randomly throw shoes out? Are they in the flatbed of a truck? Are people sticking their feet out of the window? I mean, occasionally, I see a pillow or a box--clearly items that fell off of a truck during a move or during transport...BUT ONE SHOE???



Pay attention. Stop the car. Pick up the shoe.

You get your complete footwear set back in your possession and I am happy because I am no longer perplexed.

Photo courtesy Library of Congress.


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