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To get me out of my slump...

I just remembered NaNoWriMo:!!!

The premise is just crazy enough to appeal to me.

I have wanted to do this ever since I found out about it last year. It might seem like something stressful, but it is really just all in good fun. The "novel" can get as crazy as you want it. Anyway, I am perked up a bit now.

Feeling the PhD burn: Or, time for me to vent.

When I trained for the Mercedes Marathon in 2004, I remember everyone talking about how marathon runners eventually hit "the wall." I trained and trained, running/walking 12, 14, 18 miles. Nothing happened. Then, one day, my running partner, Linda, and I went on our longest run yet: 24 miles. While on this run, I hit "the wall." "The wall" is really just a mental barrier. Your mind says that you must stop everything and tries to convince you that you absolutely cannot go another step. (My body wanting to refuse another step came at about mile 22.) Anyway, though it felt like it was going to last forever, after about 3/4 of a mile, I broke through "the wall." Still, my body paid the price. Long distance running is fine for me up until a point. I do really well until about 18 miles. After 18 miles, though my legs will keep going, my body begins to react in strange ways and I become ill. So, that was the end of my marathon training.

Now, what does t…

Congrats to my super athletic cousin!

Congratulations, T! Although I still think it takes someone a bit crazy to swim in the Alcatraz Challenge, I admire you. For those who are wondering: my fabulous cousin, T. (Theron in the real world...but he will always be "t." to me) Wells, won 2nd place in the Alcatraz swim today!!! We are a fabulous family...even if you and Jeff are the only ones who are athletically inclined.

Julia London

Books-a-Million actually had an author signing today (though it wasn't very well advertised). Julia London, a fabulous historical romance author, came for a visit. It was great to meet her and I can't wait to read the new book!

Dallas...the Reunion...

A secret...

I am coming clean. For about four years, I have been addicted to the following game:

In fact, I am addicted to "SuperArcade." Whenever I just need to zone out, it is perfect. Anyway, for all of you who like mind-numbing activities, try the game. It is fun!

A link to my dad's song!!

Here it is:

He wrote it when he was 13/14 with his sister Jeanne! It is the second one, by the "Crazy Teens"!!


I miss Oxford.

The one day that I need the bus...

And it is not running! (The bus system on campus, I mean.) We can only park in our designated commuter zones (free for all commuter parking is no more). So, my zone is over near Ten Hoor....and I had to walk all the way to the Bryant Conference meet with someone who wasn't there....then walked all the way to Alabama sit for 45 walk all the way back to Bryant Conf. Center...and...well...who knows...because that is coming up in about fifteen minutes.

And it is very humid my hair looks like a freak show "do".

I am back!

Well, the trip is over! My plane was delayed last night in Atlanta due to bad weather. So, I didn't actually step foot in my house until around 1 a.m.

A mini run-down:

Day 1 (Thursday, July 24): Travel (BHM to ATL; ATL to London-Gatwick)

Day 2 (Friday, July 25): Arrive in London around 8:30; long line at customs/passport check; take bus to Oxford; check in at Magdalen College...

Photo: Magdalen College (part of it, anyway!)

(my room was on the first floor and opened up to the deer park!):
Photo: Deer outside of my window at the deer park!

Attend beginning sessions; sleep!

Day 3 (Saturday, July 26): Breakfast in Magdalen's Great Hall (dining hall); attended one session; presented my paper at 11:15 in the Daubeny Laboratory; lunch with Sylvia from Germany; sessions in the afternoon; feast in the Great Hall (awesome!):

Photo: Me next to the phone booth prior to the great feast!

Rowling autographed copies auctioned; lots of wine; sleep.

Day 4 (Sunday, July 27): Overslept and missed brea…