I am back!

Well, the trip is over! My plane was delayed last night in Atlanta due to bad weather. So, I didn't actually step foot in my house until around 1 a.m.

A mini run-down:

Day 1 (Thursday, July 24): Travel (BHM to ATL; ATL to London-Gatwick)

Day 2 (Friday, July 25):
Arrive in London around 8:30; long line at customs/passport check; take bus to Oxford; check in at Magdalen College...

Photo: Magdalen College (part of it, anyway!)

(my room was on the first floor and opened up to the deer park!):
Photo: Deer outside of my window at the deer park!

Attend beginning sessions; sleep!

Day 3 (Saturday, July 26): Breakfast in Magdalen's Great Hall (dining hall); attended one session; presented my paper at 11:15 in the Daubeny Laboratory; lunch with Sylvia from Germany; sessions in the afternoon; feast in the Great Hall (awesome!):

Photo: Me next to the phone booth prior to the great feast!

Rowling autographed copies auctioned; lots of wine; sleep.

Day 4 (Sunday, July 27): Overslept and missed breakfast (probably due to wine); sessions in the morning; lunch in the Great Hall; check out of Magdalen College (very sad); moved a block away to Eastgate Hotel (very nice...highly recommend...but no elevator); went wandering without a map...the best way; ended up at Christ Church college and decided there was no time like the present to walk in the footsteps of Snape:
Photo: Me in the dining hall at Christ Church...filming location in HP!

....went to the famous Alice and Wonderland shop; stopped for dinner; went back to the hotel and crashed...I think I watched some television!

Day 5 (Monday, July 28):
Woke up and went to a little used/antique book store on the High Street; dropped in at the internet cafe; went to the Botanical Gardens:
Photo: Flowers at the Botanical Gardens.

...begged to enter the Shelley monument at University College that is closed to visitors (granted permission!):
Photo: Shelley Monument

...walked to the top of the St. Mary tower and took photos (little stone medieval steps...not for those in bad shape); wandered down the High Street; shops; ate lunch at the covered market (very fun place); found the famous Blackwell's Book Store on Broad Street; shopped at Blackwell's (HP adult editions and other books); toured a few colleges; shopping; dinner; hotel and watched a crazy documentary on illiteracy in England and then a show on Charles and Camilla!

Day 6 (Tuesday, July 29): Woke up and wandered down the High Street; ended up at Blackwell's for coffee (spent a long time there!); Bodleian library tour (fantastic...old man David is the best tour guide!); the science museum (very interesting):
Photo: Navigation instruments at Science museum circa 1600s...I think.

...went to the Ashmolean museum (oldest); lunch in covered market:
Photo: Covered market.

...Trinity College; Christ Church meadow; sightseeing of lots of colleges from the outside; walking and wandering; dinner; hotel; packing.

Day 7 (Wednesday, July 30): Woke up and made one last trip to Blackwell's for coffee; wandered around; internet cafe; packed; checked out of Eastgate Hotel; caught bus to Hilton airport hotel at Gatwick; room service; sleep.

Day 8 (Thursday, July 31):
The day from hell. Woke up, checked out of Hilton; and spent three hours at Gatwick. Flight to ATL. Delay at ATL for 8 hours. Arrive in BHM at 11:45 p.m.

It was a great trip, but I am exhausted.


katie g. said…
Wow! It sounds like a great trip! I am quite jealous. I can't believe they let you in to the Shelley monument. You have to explain how you did that...

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