Very troubling...: My Frontline Flea/Tick NON-Repellant Woes

For the second month in a row, my almost 13-year-old dog has been fighting (along with my help, of course) a flea problem. It isn't completely out of hand yet, but I am getting really frustrated.

Every month, for twelve years, we have been putting Frontline on Casey. It has always worked wonderfully and he has never had fleas. If a tick got on him, it died immediately.

However, starting back in August, I noticed flea dirt and fleas on poor Casey. I had just applied the Frontline two days earlier and was appalled when the vet told me it should have already killed the fleas. So, I ran to the drug store and bought some flea shampoo because I could not apply another dose of Frontline for three more weeks (the vet said I could do it every three weeks if necessary). The shampoo worked well and he seemed to do okay.

So, last Sunday, I administered another dose of Frontline (the third week). Tonight (not even one full week later) his legs are covered in flea dirt and there are fleas.
I used the small amount of shampoo I have left (it takes almost a full bottle to bathe Casey with his double coat) and scrubbed his legs, belly, and other flea prone areas. Everything is off at the moment and he feels good. Now I have to re-exterminate the carpet and his bed.

So, I went on-line a few minutes ago and have found an amazing plethora of complaints against Frontline and Frontline Plus (this is what I use on Casey) filed just in the last few months. It looks like something bad is going on with the batch that is out there right now. Other pet owners said that they had used Frontline for years (like us) and are suddenly having problems. Some, contradicting some claims that the pets have built up an immunity, said they had only been using it for under a year and the same thing is happening.

Some people claim that they have contacted Frontline and have received no help/assistance despite the guarantee on the product.

So, though I am not one to join these kinds of fights usually, I am warning all of you out there to be careful about spending the $50 - $70 on the product. I am not buying anymore (obviously) and I am going to call my vet on Monday and have him recommend a new product.


Anonymous said…
We have fought the fleas for two summers in a row. Bailey has had no releif whatsoever. We used the Frontline until it proved to be no help and we used Advantage. The Advantage was just as useless on her. We have to bath her and spray her and still she is so unhappy. The vet has not given us a desireable solution, either. I think that their is a new product just release that is given via injection... I am so hoping for something that will help Bailey. :(
Love Anne

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