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I did it!!!

Their word count came to significantly lower than mine, so I had to add a lot of stuff last minute. It was a blast, though!

Trucking Along...

I am still a writing machine. The story still is stupid and crazy, but I am having fun. The semester is almost over (thank goodness!) and I am happy to see that I have about 20 students that I have taught before signed up for my class next semester. It will be fun to see familiar faces in the crowd! The bad news is that I teach so late in the day (4:30 and 6:00). I am not looking forward to that, but it is what it is. I tend to do better in the mornings, so it looks like my caffeine addiction will kick into overload next semester. (Yes...I kicked the habit for a while, but I am back on the wagon again.)

Anyway, I haven't posted in a long time so I thought I should say that I am still out there! I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. I need turkey.

NaNoWriMo Day 2: I am a writing machine, people!

So far, so good! I am keeping up with the word count, having a blast, and enjoying my bad writing! The pressure is off because it is just for fun and to distract me from the stress of the doctoral work.

I must confess that I approached NaNoWriMo as unprofessionally as one could. I didn't start with an idea or an outline or anything. In fact, I sat in Barnes and Noble yesterday trying to come up with an idea. I just wanted it to be crazy and fun. So, here I am, writing my story as it spontaneously occurs to me (not my usual style) and it is actually pretty hilarious! I worked on it in pieces yesterday and finished up over word count after a healthy glass of wine. Today, it is actually going really fast. I have only been working for about 45 minutes and I am almost to my word limit for the day (they say in order to complete the 50,000 words by the end of the month one should write approximately 1667 words per day). So far, I have written 1045 today (approximately 2,100 yesterday). Y…