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The first draft of my article has been sent to my editor by E-mail! Though I am sure that I have many changes to make, I am just happy to get something out there!

Changing the blog again..

I am just not happy with the looks of things these days...

A plea to the spring break gods....

Well, it is that time of year again...spring break...and, yet, it isn't a spring break at all! (Well, except for today. I did see some really great friends today who I haven't seen in a really long time!) Otherwise, I have been trying to work out, get things done, etc. However, my need for sleep keeps getting in the way. I have been sleeping way too much this week and I am already sad that the week will come to a close soon. I am just less than enthusiastic about the semester. I really just want it to be over! I know that is terrible, but I can't help it. I am exhausted!

My plea:


Susie Update Makeover!

Enjoy the new look...

Better late than never!

Here are some photos from the holidays (yes, I mean Thanksgiving and Christmas of '08!). Photos: My Uncle Larry and I at Thanksgiving; mom and dad relaxing at Thanksgiving; Grandma Jean modeling the "Roll Tide" t-shirt (a classic shot in more ways than one...the grandson in the background who is cracking up coupled with "The Christmas Story" playing non-stop on TBS in the far background!); Jeff, me, and Jessica at Christmas; Grandma Frances and I at Thanksgiving...