An afternoon at Duke Humphrey's

After visiting St. Mary's this morning (see post below), I met up with Allen at the flea market. Then, I picked up a cup of coffee and met Allen's class for a walk to Keble College (founded in 1870). Keble is amazing for a Victorianist. Its design and architecture combines everything that symbolizes the era...especially in the chapel. The thing is, people want to define the Victorians, put them in a little spot and say: "This is what makes a Victorian" or "This is what defines Victorian." But you just can't do it. As my director says, the Victorians are just "messy"...and it is true. But that is what makes them so great. You can find something for everyone and just when you think you have them figured out, well, they completely contradict themselves. The architecture of Keble reminds you of gothic/Middle Eastern/high church. Here are the photos from Keble:

Detail above the chapel door:

Inside the chapel (sorry that it is so dark!):

The hidden treasure at Keble's chapel...Hunt's original "The Light of the World"...I LOVE the Pre-Raphaelites...

I came back to the room briefly after the tour at Keble. Then, I met Louise (the young daughter of one of the professors here) and we went back to the flea market. I think she had a good time! I know I did. Afterward, I had my biggest moment in Oxford...a chance to enter the Bodleian as a Duke Humphrey's library...I may collapse as I recount it.

Duke Humphrey's library is the oldest reading room at the Bodleian. It is also where the library scenes from HP have been shot. In any case, I had a little children's pamphlet (circa 1780) sent up there last night. Today, I swiped my card and made my way up the side staircase. I felt like I was going to get hauled out any minute because I was by myself! Anyway, I went up to the man who checks you in. He was very nice and then I retrieved my item. I was told that I could sit anywhere, so I sat in the old stack section! I was in heaven! I am going back tomorrow to type up the material that I found. I didn't want to haul my laptop over there if what I had checked out was crap. However, I loved it and I can use it. It is a poem called "The Orphan Boy."

After my surreal time in the library, I ended up at Blackwell's to spend my gift card. I bought things I would never buy for myself--and all Oxford related. I ended up spending all but six cents! My favorite purchase: a beautiful photo (very large) of St. Mary's in the snow. I am so sad to leave.

Anyway, I browsed around the Broad St. for a while and now I am back in my room awaiting dinner. It has been one of the best days ever!


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