"Let's Celebrity Up!"

(Quote by Edina Monsoon/AbFab)

Well, no, I didn't run into any celebrities, but I lived an afternoon of opulence at Blenheim Palace. But, before I get to that....here is a promised photo of the laundry room at Worcester:

(It looks simple...it should be simple...but it isn't so simple.) But my favorite part of the laundry room is this:

This is a game that students at Worcester played, kind of like assassins/tag/scavenger hunt. Very fun! (But, then, anything with James Bond on the poster has to be fun!)

Anyway, I spent the morning running around campus taking care of things (as usual) and then I went with a small group to Blenheim Palace. It was really interesting and very ornate. I don't think I would describe the actual edifice as beautiful, but the grounds were breathtaking. Here are some photos:

Gate into Blenheim...

Me in front of Blenheim (looking exhausted, as usual)...


Victory Monument (in background):

Private Gardens:

Diana Temple:

My favorite view through the trees...the photo doesn't do it justice...

Gardens in the back of the palace...

After Blenheim, I came back to Worcester and did a little work. Then, we had a great dinner (tuna salad appetizer; "cajun" chicken with veggies; fruit creme). Around 8 p.m., we went on a Pub Crawl. First up was the Lion and Lamb. This is me with my Lion and Lamb Gold:

Pictures of faculty and student in the pub:

After the Lion and Lamb, the faculty took students to the King's Arms (just off Broad St.). A few of us left for the night, but here it is:

Well, that is it for today. I am just hanging out in the room and staying up too late typing all of this in for the night!


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