Monday, August 24, 2009

Yet again....another rant.

Please cover your mouth when you cough. I am sure we all know this, but I sat across from a grown man in the library this morning who hacked up a lung for over an hour and just didn't care that he exposed the rest of us to whatever funk he had. Can I ban him from the library? Please?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I need another summer break.

Not for fun. I need the break to finish my reading list without cramming the last things in like mad.

My head is going to explode.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My new pet peeve...

People who are talking on a cell phone, take it into the bathroom with them, and continue to talk on it while, um, doing whatever they need to do.

This happened in two different public restrooms today.



In what universe is this appropriate?

There isn't a conversation important enough that you can't take a break to take care of business. The only time this would be appropriate would be if you fall in the bathroom and cannot get help in any other way. You don't need to talk about your date, your parents, your sister's deadbeat ex-husband, or your kid's teacher. You NEED to put the phone down. I am quite sure that this even violates the most redneck version of Emily Post out there. DON'T DO IT. I BEG YOU. It is disgusting.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Close to having...

...a panic attack. This semester is already stressful and it is just the first day. Things keep changing and I need stability, people!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The new semester approacheth...

Well, I have been back in Tuscaloosa for two weeks now. I am very happy to see friends and family again, but I REALLY miss England. I miss the walking and the food and the depth of my surroundings. Super Wal-Mart just doesn't do a thing for me after enjoying high tea in the same surroundings as Jane Austen or reading in a library surrounded by countless illuminated manuscripts. I feel sad.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Final Banquet and the hell of Atlanta

Friday night, our group had its final banquet. Friday afternoon, I wandered Oxford and spent two/three hours reading and typing in Duke Humphrey's Library. Good thing too...I found out that they are planning on closing it as a reading room and opening it to the public for the tour. It is a shame because the mystique will be totally gone!

Anyway, final banquet began with drinks in the Provost's garden. It was a lot of fun. The weather held up well and it wasn't too cold for a change. We had our Pimms (many of them) and enjoyed the beauty of the garden...

Here is the Provost's house and part of the gardens...

More of his private can see the college behind...

Me, looking tired after typing/reading tiny print...

Allen and I in the garden...

After drinks, we went to the hall for dinner...

At the high table for the final time...

Leaving Oxford was sad, but, thankfully, basically uneventful. We did have to call for a second bus because there wasn't enough room for luggage. The airport and plane ride went very smoothly and we arrived in ATL 20 minutes early. Unfortunately, that is where the luck ended.

We sat on the runway for over an hour, waiting for ATL to get its act together. When we finally got in, a passport control officer called me and another person an idiot. Nice to see that she was our representative of the USA...and my tax money at work. Then, my luggage was delayed (along with one other student's). So, while the entire bus group was waiting for over an hour for me, I was waiting for my luggage. It finally came and there was more chaos and bad organization from the ATL customs and airport. It really is ridiculous. I didn't see one person taking pride in his or her job. The passport control people got off on acting like complete asses. I understand that you don't need to be friendly or smile at me, but calling me an idiot (because I was waiting for her to call me to her station...they yell at you, too, if you cross the line ahead of time) is going too far. Of course, with our system, if I write a complaint, I will probably be put on some kind of list. American customs and passport control need to take a hint from the British. They aren't friendly either, but at least they have their act together and are organized and efficient. Atlanta airport is a complete joke and completely unprofessional.

Also, though they left cookies and other items in my suitcase, they took my totally manufactured and wrapped granola bars. I have some other things missing as well. So, add theft to insult.

So, I am back in the states, trading the Bodleian and Kensington Gardens for Wal-Mart and McFarland Mall, efficient service for laziness. Still, I am very happy to see my family and my dog...and to avoid wearing my green or brown sweater.

Here's hoping I don't have the Swine Flu.