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Susie + Darwin = dissertation!!

I hope, anyway! So, I am getting all up into Darwin these days, hoping that my suspicions about the connection I see between his work and the work that I study is actually accurate (wow...that is a bad sentence). Anyway, I am excited about it. It is actually kind of nice to read his stuff after reading the other literature. So, from the depths of evolutionary study, I sign off.

I have to say it... family rocks. Celebrating passing comps is a great thing. My family has been great!

On another note: as I mentioned to a friend today...I really think graduate school is an experiment in masochism. You have to be crazy to do this.

Sylvia Parker's article about my dad:

The Original Crazy Teens:

My dad (far left, standing with guitar) posing with his band, The Crazy Teens, when they recorded "Crazy Date"...

One hoop down...three to go

Well, I passed my qualifying exams so that is one burden off of my shoulders. Now, I have the prospectus defense and the dissertation and dissertation defense to look forward to!

In any case, though it was an exhausting experience, at least the exam is over. I was completely exhausted after writing for four hours and really couldn't relax until I found out that I had passed (a few days later).

Now, I am in the process of trying to figure out exactly what I want to say in prospectus. I think it is starting to solidify more in my head, but I am still tired from the exam and all I can think about is getting sleep!

No joke.