To NaNoWriMo or not to NaNoWriMo...

...that has been the question. However, I just don't think I can do it this year. If I do, I will have to get started in the next couple of days and write a lot! But, with the prospectus on the table and all of the reading I need to do right now...well, I don't think I can write my trashy novel just yet. Still, part of me really wishes that I had the time.

Not much new is going on. I am guest lecturing in another professor's class tomorrow, so that should be fun. I hope I do well, anyway.

My biggest problem is trying to stay motivated this semester. I had so much stressful crap early on that now I am just exhausted and don't feel like doing anything. It took all of my energy to get up in front of my students today and teach Thomas Hardy...and I love Thomas Hardy. Ugh. Anyway, maybe it will get better.

I will have a little bit of a break this weekend (from school, anyhow). My friend, Melissa, is getting married and the wedding is in Mississippi. So, I will leave on Friday and go to Natchez for the weekend. I will be happy to see her and her family, but I hope that the wedding will provide some much needed recreation in my life. Comps (amongst other personal things) just about killed me between September and mid-October. I am still not recovered completely, but I could get there with a little leisure time.

Anyway, think about me this weekend when I attempt to dress up. We all know I am a fashion victim.


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