My new favorite magazine...

I have seen the BBC Knowledge magazine in my bookstore for a while now. I thought about buying it several times, but only today did I actually pick up a copy...and I am really glad that I did. This magazine is great for anyone who just wants an eclectic mix of subject matter. I guess that in some ways I could compare it to something like Mental Floss (another magazine that I like), but the articles in BBC Knowledge appeal to me a bit more just because of the subject matter. Here is the URL, but, unfortunately, their Web site really needs improvement:

In this issue, there are articles about US television, Somalia, the death of language, the Holocaust, space, polar bears, etc. Basically, the magazine has sections dealing with Science, History, and Nature. The "Update" section is especially nice because it provides little bits of information about breaking news in the three major categories mentioned above.

Anyway, just thought that I would share. Recently, I have lamented the fact that the print magazine is going downhill. I came about in the Sassy generation (God, I loved that magazine). Sassy gave teen girls real information (at least while Jane Pratt headed things up) and made me decide at age 14 that someday I would work for a magazine. Well, here I am, 33-years-old, and I have worked for two magazines now. Sassy Power! However, like I said, recently, other than the publication I work for (of course), magazines haven't been doing it for me. I like Vanity Fair's articles and some of the food magazines, but nothing really excites me anymore. I used to be obsessed with The New Yorker, but even that hasn't impressed me much lately (and I am not sure why).

So, if you just want some fresh info in clearly written, short articles, then check out BBC Knowledge. As my Uncle Marshall was famous of saying: "Do it. Do it now."


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