Happy New Year!

Well, we made it through another New Year! Unfortunately, I became a bit ill last night and spent most of it miserable. Then, my cough started to come back and that really sucks. (Ah, my verbal prowess.) Anyway, I am trying to think of a way to become productive today. There are so many things that I need to do...mainly, I need to try to dread. All of the medicine and illness during this break has made me take a break from professional work. I spent a lot of time in the office last week, but it was so cold in the old house where I work (we don't have central heating...just window units) that I basically stayed in my little room (originally a bedroom) with the door closed and locked to keep the heat in. I went over yesterday for a while, but the weather has turned colder and even the heat in my office wasn't enough. It is only going to get colder, so I don't imagine that I should work there for a few days. So, I will probably go by and pick up things to work on.

Other than that, I am finally reading George Eliot's Daniel Deronda. This is one of the books that I must tackle because almost all of the literary criticism books that deal with Darwinian influence on Victorian literature eventually comes across Eliot's novels--and, specifically, Daniel Deronda. I think it is her best novel. I am a fan of GE, though I know many who don't like her. However, this book has a complexity to it that is really astounding.

So...none of you is actually interested in that information. Still, I am a nerd and must vent.

Other than that, yesterday was really busy. I went to lunch at Hokkaido (yum!) and then I met up with my boss, her husband, and a co-worker and his wife for a New Year's Eve dinner at the Olive Garden. I usually just order soup and salad, but because I was really depressed about having to spend $500 on new tires, I ordered a glass of wine (good) and a shrimp dish. About an hour into the meal, I became really sick. I managed to avoid being sick at the restaurant, but I was miserable. So, the evening was spent trying to keep the room from spinning. And, then, like I said, the cough came back. So, I took a double dose of my cough medicine and slept all night (very unusual for me). I did stay up for the New Year, but after I immediately went to sleep.

Today, we are spending a quiet time at home for the most part. I think we are having the obligatory ham and black-eyed peas. Not sure how much I can eat, today. I need to take dad over to Target to walk (too cold to walk outside and he really needs the exercise). I think we are meeting up with the family later for a short time. At some point, I might go to Panera and read. I like to read at Panera because I get refills on my large iced tea and it is warm inside! So, bring it on George Eliot. I am ready.


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