The only thing saving me...

I am wading through so many book reviews (all related to my dissertation topic), trying to carefully select things that I know I need to read through right away. I sat in front of my computer this morning, highlighting and typing for a very long time. But, one thing is helping me through the chaos:

I have had this tea for a while now but it hasn't lost its flavor. It really does taste like Sugar Cookies! Actually, and here is another Tuscaloosa related post, my favorite coffee shop--Java City at Gorgas Library--featured a new flavor of coffee for the holidays this year: Sugar Cookie. It was great! I really hope we have some left over when the cafe re-opens.

Java City

I love Java City. I have been going there for about six years, I think. It is right on the ground floor of Gorgas Library. At first, I went there because it was convenient and the coffee isn't that it didn't make me sick like Starbucks. However, soon, I started going over there for the company! Many graduate students hold office hours over there to avoid sitting in "assigned offices" of 25+ graduate students sharing four desks and one computer. When I was in library school, I lived at Java City because I was taking five graduate courses a semester and teaching three composition courses as an adjunct. I didn't eat much that year...but I lived off of coffee. The main reason I go to Java City: the employees. I love Bridget and Brenda. They always make my day brighter. We have seen each other go through many things over the years, good and bad. We share a lot of laughter--and Brenda and I exchange books all of the time and have saved a fortune! They really are the greatest. I know Bridget and Brenda the best just because I tend to be on campus during the day. But I know that the evening and weekend employees are great, too.

I missed them so much when I moved to Florida (about the same time that I started this blog in 2005). The happiest moment I had early on at USF was when I discovered a Java City on campus in the business building. Luckily, the building was only a short walk away from my building and walking in there for the first time cured any homesickness I had. The employees were great down there, too. I didn't care that a Starbucks was only yards away from my office. I had to go to Java City every day. I know the ladies working down there thought that I was a total freak because I always had a huge smile on my face when I went in there. And, when I would come home for a visit, I always made my way over to Java City at Gorgas.

Usually, only students go over to Java City at UA. It is expensive to park on campus if you don't have a decal, and it can be a long walk for those not inclined to park in a free area. Still, if you ever go to UA during the week, anytime from 8-2, stop in and introduce yourself to Brenda or Bridget. You will love them!


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