Agh. I had good intentions...

...but I have failed again! I wanted to blog more, but things have just been so crazy. I know that it was my New Year's resolution and everything, but this semester has kicked me into crazy country. I have finished the final draft of my prospectus and will be defending it soon...oh my. I think it will be fine, but I am exhausted. I have to get back to my exercise routine because I am seriously off of the wagon...which is really sad because, when I returned from England, I was rockin' in the exercise department. When I got sick over the Christmas break, I wasn't able to do anything for three weeks and now I am doing basically nothing. So sad.

Today, I taught the really lewd poetry to my wasn't that bad, but it was interesting! I did great through my first class (unusual) and worked hard during my office hours. I was a bit late to my second class and then, about 1/2 way through my lecture, I had a horrible encounter with a migraine headache. It is the worst one that I have had in years. I had to stop the lecture and I know that I was not making much sense. By the time I got home, I was so sick. It is still lingering in my head, but the majority of the pain is gone, thank goodness.

I am also feeling the call of England again! Of course, there isn't a thing that I can do about it, but I feel the call. I really wish that money didn't matter. I would live 6 months in England and 6 months in America. I am so happy and content when I am there, but I miss my family and friends (so, of course, I have to come back...not to mention that the Brits would only let me stay for 6 months at a time anyway!).

Well, I think I will relax a while and watch "Intervention" or "No Reservations." I hope your mind is clear and your evening is relaxing!


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