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More old family photos...

My grandparents, William Reynolds and Jean Galloway Reynolds, on their wedding day.

My Aunt Sherri (older girl), Aunt Ginny (younger girl, seated), and Uncle Chuck (boy, seated). By the way: Jessica and Ginny (at the same age) could be twins in this photo!

My dad (older boy) and my Uncle Chuck (little boy).

The feeling of "ugh"

I am fond of typing out "ugh" when there isn't another word to describe how I feel...and that is how I feel right now. It is the end of the semester and I am so discouraged because, even though a huge amount of responsibility is coming to an end, I actually am so far behind in everything else that I can't be happy about not having to grade millions of papers for three months.

I have to really get going on my dissertation stuff. I just feel like curling up under the covers and watching my cheesy BBC shows. I guess I will feel better tomorrow when I finish at least one task.

Until then: ugh.

Check out "View of the City"!!

My friend, Christopher Davis, has a great new show on Charter cable -- and, best of all, online!

Check it out:

So true.

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”
--C. Ponder

It is official:

My family, before settling here, was long established in England and Scotland. I demand that I be allowed a permanent Visa...if not dual citizenship. I didn't choose to leave. My ancestors had that bright idea.

I love Oscar.

(Library of Congress)

(Library of Congress)

Sometimes you just want to dance...

Am sitting in Panera, working on the article I am writing for the magazine, and Lady GaGa's "Telephone" just started on my iTunes list! I am two breaths from jumping up out of my seat and breaking it down...If I do, I am such a spaz that it will make the papers!

Pollen is Killing Me

I left my car out for just a little while today and there is a lovely yellow covering all over it. Ugh. Now, I can't breathe well and I am sneezing. I heart spring.


Easter is upon us once again...and I ask you: Where in the Bible did God command that every fool in town had to go buy a new freaking outfit for the one day a year they go to church?

Ugh. Yesterday, the traffic was terrible. You couldn't go anywhere. For a nation that wants to be secular so badly, it sure does look like the stores will figure out any way to manipulate religious holidays to get the customers in the store: egg hunts, coloring contests, bargain sales, ugh.

It is not that I am especially religious, and I won't talk about my beliefs on that subject on this blog because, frankly, those beliefs are no one's business but my own. Still, all of this hype makes me sick.

If we just talk about materialism and instant gratification: well, it is enough for me to see that this financial crisis (of the country and of all of those freaking out because they bought things that they can't afford) is self-induced. Stop asking for a quick fix when you contribute to the proble…

My thought today:

It really is sad when people deliberately decide to sit back and do nothing with their lives. Seriously. I ran into a former friend today and it struck me that he will always be caught in the circle of his self-created chaos. When people refuse to learn and refuse to change, those around them, for personal safety and for sanity, must disappear or resolve to treat that person with indifference. It is like a consequence for an intervention that didn't involve drugs or alcohol (although, in this case, I know that alcohol is a factor).

I am sympathetic towards people and I will always try to be the first to lend a helping hand. Unfortunately, you can't always get people to take that hand.

UPDATE 4/5: Geez. Again, a confrontation and the chaos deepens. People just don't get it.