Easter is upon us once again...and I ask you: Where in the Bible did God command that every fool in town had to go buy a new freaking outfit for the one day a year they go to church?

Ugh. Yesterday, the traffic was terrible. You couldn't go anywhere. For a nation that wants to be secular so badly, it sure does look like the stores will figure out any way to manipulate religious holidays to get the customers in the store: egg hunts, coloring contests, bargain sales, ugh.

It is not that I am especially religious, and I won't talk about my beliefs on that subject on this blog because, frankly, those beliefs are no one's business but my own. Still, all of this hype makes me sick.

If we just talk about materialism and instant gratification: well, it is enough for me to see that this financial crisis (of the country and of all of those freaking out because they bought things that they can't afford) is self-induced. Stop asking for a quick fix when you contribute to the problem on a very personal level.

I know that I am getting overly cranky, but it is just one of those days. And this is my blog. So, you can read this or wait until I have another post on another day!


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