...on nothing important:

I actually watched a bit of Dancing with the Stars last night. I have watched more of it this season that I ever have, mostly to see how horribly Kate G. danced...mean, I know...but she should stop trying...and last night was proof positive. I have never seen someone love to be on camera so much.

Anyway, I am glad that the winners got the vote. They are wonderful.

Other than that, I did five miles last night...and my body hurts today. Still, I am proud of myself. Actually, when I think about it, I did around six miles because it is a mile to work and back from my car. Hooray!

On the reading front:
I am trying to finish up another reading of The Old Curiosity Shop. If I am reading for pleasure, I speed right through. But, reading for research...well, that takes a while. So, I have been meticulously trying to grab every potential passage that I could use and it has slowed me tremendously. I am supposed to turn in my first chapter in mid-June. Ugh. I will turn something in, but it won't be wonderful.

Before bed, I am reading a book right now called WWW: Wake. It is a sci-fi book and so far I like it. The narration changes a bit too much for my taste, but when Caitlyn, the teen-aged narrator and protagonist, takes over the book is really good. I feel like the author is trying to be too cinematic at times and it drives me crazy. I don't need a scene to change after a few paragraphs. I want to stick with the same person for a while and get to know them.

As for the story, it is an interesting premise and this book is the first in a trilogy. Here is part of the blurb from Amazon for Publishers Weekly:

"[the book] explores the origins and emergence of consciousness. Blind teen Caitlin Decter gets an experimental signal-processing implant that inexplicably opens up her vision to the wondrous infrastructure of the World Wide Web. Inside the Web is a newborn webmind, a globe-spanning self-contained consciousness that is just becoming aware of the outside world. Secondary plot threads about a highly intelligent hybrid primate and Chinese bloggers battling a repressive government extend the motif of expanding awareness" (see Publishers Weekly Review )

What else...well, I am working everyday at the magazine and researching in the afternoons. This weekend, I hope to get some writing done, for a change!

More later!...


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