Basically, I don't have any. Usually, I am okay with that idea, but there are times when it really frustrates me. I feel like my life is at a standstill because so many things need to be done and no matter how fast or hard I work, they just don't progress. Then, of course, you face the inevitable need for "me" time. I have to indulge in nothingness or frivolity at certain points because, otherwise, I will go insane.

Some of the things I like to do? Mostly nerdy, of course, but who cares?

1. Add to my Amazon profile reviews. I have watched my rank change over the last few months and it can be very addictive.
2. Goodreads

BTW: both of these accounts are accessible via links on the right of this page...

3. Reading blogs/posting on my blogs. I still like this one of course, but I also like my other one as well (for different reasons).
4. Reading "trashy" books...though I hate to call them this because there are some really good books that just aren't considered literary at this time.
5. Going out to eat with my best friends
6. Talking on the phone to Kelly (those who know me also know that I HATE the phone, so this is a departure for me)
7. Watching Whatever Martha

So, yes, I do not have a very exciting life all of the time, but down time is a necessity.


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