A productive day

Today, I ended up writing approximately 10 pages of text on my dissertation (though I constructed about 30 out of material I had already written). Tomorrow, I plan to edit all of that into a reasonable five pages of introduction (ending with a thesis that I haven't entirely worked out yet), followed by my section on Oliver Twist. I will feel good if I can finish that by tomorrow!

Then, at some point this weekend, I want to begin serious work on my section covering The Old Curiosity Shop. Yes--I know all of this sounds really boring to all of you reading...but it is a huge deal to me to actually see several pages with words on them. Writing the dissertation is hard work. Writing is always hard, but trying to center my argument for each chapter while keeping the whole project in mind is a new challenging and exciting task.

I was on a roll at BAM when the lights began to flicker. I think it was due to the rockin' powerhouse work that I was pumping out. HA!


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