Sitting at the Barnes and Noble cafe...

...wishing that I could relax and just dissertate. :) Actually, I feel pretty good today, but I am giving myself a few minutes to just surf the free internet connection here and add another lovely post to my oh so fascinating blog. I think that it is important to give myself some fun things to least until Weeds starts up again in August (which means that the free time will be totally devoted to Nancy's craziness). By the way, I am totally addicted to the song in the season 6 teaser ("Terrible Things" by April Smith and the Great Picture Show). There is going to be some fun in August! Love the teaser trailer...but it really isn't enough to hold me over until August.

Meanwhile, what else is going on...just working hard and trying to convince myself that because I am so far behind in my dissertation work that I am not a total slacker. Poor Elizabeth had to listen to all of my woes this week. She made me feel so much better about it all. By the way: all of you out there who will be writing dissertations or a thesis, make sure you have people around that are at your same point in the process and some people who are ahead of you. That way, when things feel totally out of control, you won't feel so bad. I don't know what I would do without Elizabeth.

You know, coffee shops are weird places...there are all kinds of conversations going on...all kinds of comfort levels being violated...all kinds of body language being expressed. It isn't incredibly crowded around here this morning, but there are several people here for very serious conversations and some of them don't appear to be going so well. Ahh...people watching.


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