It's the first day of school, ya'll!

Well, it is back to the grind! Actually, today was a really good day (when my students' eyes weren't glossing over). The first day is exciting and boring at the same time. I love it because I get to see old and new faces. It is not great because I spend 40 minutes going over rules and regulations...still, it is best to begin as you mean to go on!

Jeff (youngest cousin) had his first day on campus as well! He isn't a freshman because he did some of his classes in Birmingham, but he was excited. His first class is at the same time I teach my first class...and right down the hall! It was so much fun to see him this morning before and after class. He is too funny! (Jess, you should have seen him after class! It was so funny!)

Other than that, because this day is always so hyper, I am spending the rest of it chilling out and writing (not the dissertation...just fun stuff). I have taught this class so many times that all of my lectures are prepared (except for a few about new material I have decided to teach), so I can relax a bit more and just enjoy the experience of teaching rather than worrying about how the plan will go over.

I know that I have a few friends who taught for the first time today (or will for the first time tomorrow). Hang in there! It is chaotic and frustrating and wonderful. The day that you walk in and you aren't nervous is the day that you need to find a new career. In other words, the nerves are a good sign! And don't get weighed down by the "learning to teach" class either. I know that it can happen...and will happen...but you will do great. Enjoy your students--especially if you are teaching freshman. I know that people will complain about teaching freshmen, but teaching them can be the most fun experience. They start out one way and usually end up a totally different person by the end of your class. They are all of or one or a combination of various types--arrogant/lost/homesick/sweet/bullies/etc--but they are just swimming in a new environment. Be tough, but enjoy them, too. It isn't a bad experience! And, most importantly, remember that you are where you are because you deserve to be there. You are qualified to teach them even if it doesn't feel that way sometimes (and that doesn't go away!).


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