It's my birthday, ya'll!

Wow! What a great weekend! I am constantly stunned at how many wonderful people I have in my life. I love my family and friends. Usually, I spend a really quiet birthday with my immediate family and a friend or two, but my dad's family (sans T., damn it...have no idea why he couldn't fly all the way from Oregon to be at my isn't as if the economy is bad or anything) all came into town last night and we had dinner out and a little fun at grandma's! It was so sweet of everyone to drive so far and take the time to celebrate. A big thank you (though I will be sending personal ones soon)!

I have a really small family. My mom only has one brother (no wife or kids), and both grandparents are dead now. My father had five other brothers and sisters, but two are deceased, and out of the rest there are only a total of five grandchildren (and our grandfather is also deceased). So, like I said, we aren't many, but we make the most of one another! My dad's sister, Ginny, made me a delicious homemade strawberry cake--and it disappeared quickly. My friends, Donna, Mac, and Claire, also came to the party, and that made it extra special!

We all got soaked coming out of the restaurant, and there was a particularly funny moment with Jeff. He was taking everyone to their cars with the umbrella. He came back and said for me to come with him. I said, "No, go ahead and take Laura [our cousin] because when you come back I am going to take you home with me." Of course, Jeff wiggled his eyebrows at the "I am going to take you home with me," and this woman waiting next to us laughed so hard. I didn't bother to tell her that he is my younger cousin. It was just too much fun to see the expression on her face.

Here are some photos from the evening!

(Grandma Jean and I. Probably my favorite picture ever!)

(Jessica and I! I love this one, too! I need to see you again soon, love!)

(Dad and I! He had a great night and did really well!)

(My cousin, Jeff, and Claire! Two of my most favorite people!)

(My mom's brother and my uncle, Larry, and I!)

(Several of us having a good laugh! What is going on with that mist, though??)

(The lovely Laura (my cousin) and I!)

Today, of course, is my actual birthday. At 8:29 tonight (yes, the same as the date), I will officially turn 34.

I am so upset that mom and I forgot to take a photo last night! So, we took one a few minutes ago...I am sure that 34 years ago she was pushing really hard! (Oh, my! She just yelled up at me, as she is cutting our little cake, "This time 34 years ago I wasn't eating cake. I was saying, 'Get this child out of me!'" HA!).

I am happy to be in my 30s...I hated my 20s. I had a really good day today, though. Mom and dad and I went to lunch, Jeff and I went shopping, and then I had to get serious and work on school stuff for a little while. Don't think I can just wing it on teaching Wordsworth tomorrow!


C-Bear said…
I had a great time Susie! Love the pictures ^_^
James said…
Those are fantastic pics, Susie!!

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