"Reflections in a Golden Eye"

"Son, have you ever been collared and dragged out in the street and thrashed by a naked woman?" (Leonora in Reflections in a Golden Eye)

I had to post about this one...I just saw Reflections in a Golden Eye (Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando). AMAZING. Taylor and Brando are phenomenal in this film. I had never heard of it until I read Furious Love. I found a copy on Amazon for $1.99...and I am sooooo glad that I bought it (even though the shipping cost more than the DVD).

The movie is based off of a Carson McCullers novel (same title...reading it now). You can search for the synopsis on Wikipedia--but, like all things Wikipedia, the summary doesn't do it justice. You can also watch a really bad trailer on YouTube. Still, I have to recommend this movie. It is beautiful and disturbing. Taylor is always genius when playing a Southern Gothic character. Brando is haunting as well.

Favorite line: "Firebird is a stallion."

You will just have to watch it to understand why.


James said…
Ahhh, cheap Amazon movies are the only way to go!

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