Squirrels, power surges, and explosions.

I haven't been able to post anything in a day or two, and I am out at the bookstore now...ripping off WiFi. :)

Anyway, we had a bit of a mishap at the house yesterday. The power company was out cutting limbs in front of our house. There was a loud noise and then things in the kitchen started to explode and we had a small electrical fire behind the microwave oven. The fire department came out and inspected everything, declaring no danger, but we lost several appliances (televisions, microwave, dvd players, lamps, alarm system, etc.) due to the surge.

The best part? The power company claims that it was caused by a squirrel.

**It should be noted that there is no charred, dead little corpse outside. Maybe he disapparated...

The fire fighters and our electrician don't believe it any more than we do. In any case, the homeowner's insurance will cover some of it, but it will take an act of God to get the power company to admit any kind of responsibility. Just this morning, they were passing the buck and blaming the contracted company cutting down the limbs. Fascinating, isn't it, how a squirrel--one of the most skittish animals in the world--decided to keep sharpening its teeth on the line (a line so thick, by the way, that the electrician said that the squirrel would have needed a chainsaw) while there were power saws and yelling all around it. That was one brave squirrel. Or, one suicidal squirrel.
The thing that drives me crazy is how people refuse to take responsibility for anything. How are we supposed to admire or trust anyone when this is the norm? Pass the buck, folks. Apparently it is the American way.

All I know is that someone at the power company better be damn glad that my computer wasn't fried by the encounter with "nature." There would be blood drawn.


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