Two hours gone in a flash

Well, over the last two weeks I have graded 70 papers, held 70 meetings, graded 70 midterms...and almost lost my mind.

The proof of it came tonight when I became so annoyed with students behaving...well, like students...out on what is known as "the strip" here in town. I am just too tired to be amused by it. Anyway, I got over it as soon as my cousin, Jeff, met me for a lovely dinner of Thai food. We sat there for two hours and had great food and conversation. We haven't been able to do that in so long! It was so much fun and just what I needed tonight after such an exhausting couple of weeks. I love teaching, but sometimes I want to hide. :)

Anyway, thank you, Jeff. You did your older cousin a big favor tonight!

Other than that: I am trying to make myself have some energy to get through the rest of the week! Tomorrow, I will work at the magazine for a while, but then I really need to do some dissertation work in the late afternoon. The goal is to finish a draft of my Wuthering Heights section over the weekend. Oh. Wow. I just made that public...which means that I might actually hold myself accountable! In fact, I should just make my blog serve that purpose!

And...speaking of holding myself accountable...I am still reading through Shakespeare. However, considering that teaching has taken up so much time lately, I haven't made much progress. Updates are coming, though!


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