Well...if I can't go to England then England must come to me!

I am too poor to take a trip to England any time soon...so, my friend Kelly and I have decided that we will make a weekend trip to NYC this summer to see the Royal Shakespeare Company perform Antony and Cleopatra!!! We have both seen the RSC in England, but we are so excited about this particular performance (both because we love the play and because the actress playing Cleopatra really seems to agree with our ideas about her character--at least in an interview that we read). It is a contemporary dress performance and we almost decided not to go to see that version in favor of another...but, in the end, we just couldn't turn down the RSC!

The only time that I have seen the RSC perform was in Stratford-Upon-Avon two summers ago (when I was with the university study abroad program). We saw Julius Caesar...not my favorite play. But, I was fascinated by Darrell D'Silva (Marc Antony) in Julius Caesar...and as far as I know he is playing him in Antony and Cleopatra!
Here is hoping that he will be performing in NYC this summer!!


RSC Fan said…
He certainly will be playing Antony in New York ... he's wonderful. Enjoy!
just pretend that Manhattan is The West End
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Susie said…
To blogger in "an exercise in illiteracy": Absolutely! A great idea! Thank you for your comment!

To RSC Fan: Hooray! I am so excited. Thank you for posting the comment!

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