Winter's Bone

I just went to the Bama Theater with my friends to see the Sundance "best picture" winner Winter's Bone. Holy cow. This movie is fantastic. It is rich and authentic in ways that absolutely (miraculously) restore my faith in American film. Whoever chose the actors knew exactly what they were doing. The script is fantastic and the directing job is nearly flawless. I loved every minute of it.

The above photo shows the actress (Jennifer Lawrence) who plays the lead role of "Ree Dolly," a seventeen-year-old girl living in the Ozarks and caring for her mother and siblings. She is fantastic--as are ALL of the supporting actors and actresses. They were all just amazing.

The story without spoilers: Ree's father is missing and she must find out what has happened to him before the bondsmen take her home. It is a story of family, meth, crime--you name it. It is violent and hardcore and gritty. It is also tender and touching at times. It is the best film that I have seen in ages. I love that the characters are real. They are poor and not in good circumstances. They are not glamorous. They are real. These people exist and this film gives them not only coverage that is authentic but also allows them dignity.


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