I know that this can't be the first time that this has happened, but I came across this book today and nearly jumped for joy when I saw that a black man and a white woman were paired on the cover of a romance novel. I mean, like I said, I am sure that this has been done, but I haven't seen it...and I sure haven't seen a cover like this for a sort-of historical romance novel. But, really...if this is the first time, don't you wonder why it didn't happen until 2010? I can imagine that many contemporary romance covers might have multi-racial pairings depicted (and even in historicals you see Arab, Latino and Spanish, and other ethnicities...but usually not African American and/or Asian men paired with white/Caucasian women).

The second best part of this image is the steampunky-Victorian details. So, I decided that I must read this series. You know me...I love it all. I will read just about anything. Stranger is the fourth of Zoe Archer's novels and I think that they will be great! As I make my way through them, I will let you know. (The order: Warrior, Scoundrel, Rebel, and Stranger.)


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