Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

If I could rename this film (though it would be inappropriate considering how little we see Snape), I would call it Harry Potter and Snape's Billowing Robes. 'Cause that scene as he entered Malfoy Manor really did something for me. (Yes, I am insane.) Anyway, my slight insanity has to do with the fact that I am taking cold medicine and I can't breathe all that well...lack of oxygen makes you think crazy things...

Anyway, on to the REAL review (and not my fantasy world)...though I use the word "review" lightly...nothing scholarly here:

Wow! I have to say that the movie is wonderful and that everyone involved completely redeemed themselves after the travesty that was the last film. (I really didn't like the sixth movie...Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is my favorite book. They completely made it into a joke and left out EVERYTHING important.)

AND...whoever avoided the curse of 9 million pages about Harry, Ron, and Hermione camping in the woods and instead turned it into a fast-paced, intensely rich and personal film...well, that person is a GENIUS.

Best of all, and as will be acknowledged by Snape fans around the globe, is that the filmmakers finally did justice to Severus--at least in this film. Usually (cough...all of the Harry Potter movies...cough...especially Half-Blood Prince...cough), the directors/writers/powers-that-be snuff Snape out. I heart Snape. I have loved his character since the beginning. I am still praying to see a bit of "Severus as headmaster" material, but I am not optimistic, especially as it never really appeared in the book either.

Best scenes of the characters I care about:

Harry: Though I know there were more important scenes, I really thought that his reaction to Dobby's death was excellent. I also liked the dance scene between he and Hermione. Of course, the scene where he sees his parents' grave is excellent as well.
Ron: Well...I guess Ron's shining moment for me happens when he helps Harry and the others escape from the dungeon at Malfoy Manor.

Hermione: The very first scene that she is in...when she erases her parents' memory. Very well done, even if it wasn't in the book. Again, the dancing scene with Harry. Also, she was very convincing in the torture screams.

I really like Malfoy...not as a person, necessarily, but as a character. He is so conflicted. That side of him really comes out in this film. I think his role in the sixth movie was the best role in the film (other than Snape...who they nearly left out completely...in spite of the fact that he is the FREAKING HALF-BLOOD PRINCE). Malfoy's non-verbal communication with Harry in this film was excellent.

We didn't get much of him, but I nearly cried when I saw the doe patronus. The billowing of the robes as he entered Malfoy Manor was excellent. Also, the expression in Rickman's eyes as he noticed the "Muggle Studies" professor hanging over the table. His reaction, and Draco's, when Voldemort finally murders her is amazing. "Always."

Poor Dobby. Even in the book, he is the character I cried for when he died--and I rarely cry. He is so noble and good. I loved him. R.I.P. dear Dobby.
On the other hand, I was totally okay with Hedwig biting the dust. I was never that attached to the owl. (Mean, I know...but I don't really like things that fly...they are okay from a distance, but birds and owls freak me out.)

I also enjoyed seeing the Weasleys again.

There are, of course, so many other characters to discuss, but my brain is swimming from being sick and taking cold medicine. Helena Bonham-Carter is amazing--as always, as are the other villains. The new villains are incredible as well.

Overall, this film is amazingly well done. Very mature. Very dark. It is stunning to watch and the actors/directors/writers/everyone else involved did Rowling proud.


theVibeGirl said…
I've heard mixed reviews and don't plan on seeing it until late this week. Thanks for this!
Susie said…
No problem! I think that most of the mixed reviews are coming from people who weren't Harry Potter fans to begin with...and I don't understand why reviewers are sent to movies that they already know that they don't want to see! Anyway, if you are a fan, I think you will like the film!
Hanners said…
I have to admit that I hate Snape (we can discuss this another time), but I *love* Alan Rickman in a really impure way and completely agree with you on the billowing cloaks and, indeed, the whole Malfoy Manor scene.
I'm going to post my commentary soon...I promised a friend I would not.say.a.word. till she gets to see it!
Susie said…
Oh, Hannah! You have to reconsider! I can't imagine not enjoying Snape's character...yes, he is mean and holds a grudge...but, well, he is just too much snarky fun. :) Oh, well. Variety is the spice of life...though I am happy that you share my fascination with Alan Rickman (and, yes, the "impure thoughts" thing, too). :)
Humaun Kabir said…
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