The Mill on the Floss

I first read George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss about ten years ago (wow...can't believe it was that long ago) in Tuman's class. I remember really enjoying the reading experience and being fascinated with Maggie Tulliver. I decided to use the novel in my dissertation, but upon rereading it...well, I don't like it so much anymore. I don't even want to write about it, in fact. I am hoping that I can be convinced or energized with some discussion about it, because it really could be used productively in my work. Still, I almost wrote to my director today and told him that I was completely frustrated with the book. I know that I should at least try to use it. do I make myself excited about something that I just want to throw against the wall??? to make myself resigned to George Eliot's narrative voice when I just want to say, "Bite me, Mary Ann."

Yes...this would be George Eliot/Mary Ann Evans. Just look at that smirk. YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!

Ah...the joys of dissertation writing. It is a never-ending road of confusion and frustration.


Dora Falvay said…
Yes. She WAS an ugly woman.
And you are a beautiful one.
No reason to be anxious. That is what counts.
Susie said…
Dora: Thank you for the compliment! Eliot is still making me crazy, but I am trying to keep my eye on just finishing the dissertation. Thanks for commenting!

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