Only in the South

The other night, I had the privilege of teaming up with an old co-worker of mine (and close friend), Nancy. She had an extra ticket to hear Pat Conroy speak at the Birmingham Sheraton (benefiting the Children's Hospital in Birmingham). I have read Prince of Tides (long ago), and I was so excited when Nancy asked me to go with her.

We had a great dinner and then made our way downtown to hear Mr. Conroy. Everything was uneventful until we left the hotel. And that was when we had an experience that is only possible in the south.

We were waiting for the cross-walk sign to light up so that we could cross the street just next to the hotel (Nancy's car was parked under the bridge there). Anyway, the sign on our side kept beeping at us, so Nancy started laughing and asked if she was supposed to press the button. So, we did...and then the craziest thing...

Rather than just silencing the beeping, a woman's voice -- a VERY SOUTHERN woman's voice -- comes out of the pole (I am sure there was a speaker, but I prefer to think of the voice just magically appearing), saying: "Please wait for the crosswalk." (or something to that effect...honestly, I can't remember anything past the "please wait" because when it came out, it sounded like "Puhlease wayyitt fuh the cross wawwk").

Yes, I guess a sound clip would be nice, but I am not that tech savvy and don't carry anything to record. Maybe you had to be there, but it was just too funny to have that happen right after hearing one of the top southern writers speak to us about the south.



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